For sales:

Please print out the Rules and Articles of Incorporation for the new owners and document their receipt of same in the closing paperwork.

Estoppel Requests:

Sandpointe Townhouses Owners Association charges an up front Estoppel fee made payable to Sandpointe Townhouses Owners Association and

mailed to 8010 Breeze Cove Lane, Orlando, Florida 32819.

Preparation and delivery of an estoppel certificate for a homeowner who is current in their dues, fees and assessments is $250.
An additional charge of $100 will be added for expedited requests and an additional charge of $150 will be added to homeowners who are

delinquent in their dues, fees and assessments.

Please forward a copy of your Estoppel request to so that we may begin processing your request.

For rentals:

All leases must be for 12 months and a copy of the executed lease must be delivered to the office. Additionally the incoming tenant must

receive a copy of the rules from the landlord and receipt of same must be part of the executed lease.

Real Estate / Title Agents